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Sunday, February 10, 2008


First: For anyone interested, an update on my eyeball. It's getting better, eyesight improving, but still itches and scratches like hell. Doc at the university said, "Of course it itches, you've still got stitches in ...." Duh.

Second: Destinations ... as in the move back across the pond. Wow. I had a job interview Monday last, and the organization has contacted my boss for info and references. He said they sounded enthusiastic and eager ... soooooo ... Hedgewitch and I may be on our way to Maryland in a few weeks.

Dunno, have to see if they come up with a concrete offer, then we'll negotiate salary, etc.

Anyhoo ... the reality of leaving Europe and heading back to the US is setting in.

We could do worse, says HW, than Maryland, and I agree. The location is an hour from DC or Baltimore, a couple hours from mountains, ocean, big cities, expansive parklands ... and we have friends and contacts in that part of the country.

HW's scoping out neighborhoods and houses. If we wind up there, we'd love to find a place from which I could walk or bike to work when the weather's decent.

Not eager to move, and hate the idea of leaving Europe, but that part of the US ain't bad a'tall.