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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Quick update from home

Just a quick post from home (Yay for Home!).

First off: I slept the best sleep of several weeks last night. Almost 12 hours, too.

Yesterday, I found myself wandering around the house, making sure I could navigate between the couch and coffee table, around the kitchen, etc. And I found myself checking the clock to see what appointment it was I felt like I was missing.

And at this time, a few words from Misty, who's crawling in my lap and trying to get on the keyboard ...

nlvcohe;l, pm pfvu dsfvml;kn.

That's Cat for: "He's Home! He's Home!"

Hey, nobody ever said cats could type.

HW has made the house more welcoming for her crutch-beladen Heretic, and we're sort of re-establishing our orbits, albeit on some slightly different planes.

For instance, I can get downstairs in the morning and make coffee, but haven't yet figure out how to take a cup back up to her. She's gonna have to fetch her own coffee for a while ...

She's puttering around the kitchen right now, getting things together to make a Mexi-garden omelette. Mmmmm!

Although I DO miss my nice honey and broetchen breakfasts at the Reha Zentrum!

More later ... thanks for all the kind words, well wishes and sweet comments.

I've included a post-op pic above. Here are a couple that are NOT for the squeamish:

2 days post op, with stitches, IV and drains in place

1 week post op