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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Quick post before bedtime:

Did physicla therapy this afternoon. The chief therapist basically said there wasn't much they could do for me, I was already too far outside the curve. What could they do for me: muscle training, stability training, massage ...

BINGO! I got fango (wrapped - fairly politely - in hot mud) and then rubbed ver' ver; nicely. Sigh ...

Student (and dear friend) Miguel and his bride Naydy are the proud parents (second time around) of the newest dojo grandbaby, Miguelito -- all 10 POUNDS of him. Sheesh. Poor Naydy!

He's a cutie, too. Head full of hair, hairy ears, good, gentle grip and good lungs. Reminds me of his Da'.

I'll post a pic soon.

Had dinner after at our favorite Greek restaurant. Mikie and Thomai just got back from three weeks in their homeland. Luckily, untouched by the terrible fires that have ravaged the Peloponnese.

Sipping Bushmill's best and headed very shortly for bed.