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Monday, January 19, 2009

Kefta/Koefta/Kofta al la Schloss Gordon

My not-quite traditional Kefta recipe (one of 'em) for Janet:

This is actually an amalgam of a couple-three different recipes

Take a whack of ground meat (I lean toward ground lamb and lean ground beef mixed, have also used infidel pork and ground venison - Nom!) - 1 lb/half a kilo makes a good meal, for leftovers double.

Dump meat in big bowl

Add in:
A handful of finely chopped onion
3-4 toes of minced/squished garlic
Half a japaleno, minced
About a finger of minced or grated fresh garlic
A whack of C spices (in order of how much I use, most-to-least):
Curry powder
Dark chili powder (optional)
Salt and pepper to taste

(Occasionally, depending on fresh ingredient availability, I also use powdered garlic and ginger)

Mix well (I use two forks in a sort of slice-and-dice motion till thoroughly mixed, but bare hands are more fun)

Let meat mix sit to marinate while you:
Chop another half onion, coarsely
Chop come more garlic
Chop some more ginger

Form the meat into 1-1.5 in. balls or small sausages or patties, as you prefer (makes great burgers: grill, top with feta and serve in pita)

Saute a small amount of onion and garlic, add in meatballs when aromatics are sweated nicely

Cook through, browning all around, remove and set aside to rest

Throw a can or two of canned tomoatoes (add in fresh chopped from the garden if you got 'em), remaining onion and garlic, bring to high simmer, not quite a boil, and reduce heat

Add more C spices and cook down a bit

Put meatballs back in and cook on low for a few minutes (about long enough to check e-mail)

Stands alone as a sort of Mediterranean/Middle Eastern meatballs Arrabiata, or add in:

A tablespoon or two of (any or all):
Peanut butter
Feta (or other crumbly cow or goat cheese)

Stir in to thicken and flavor.

Serve the whole mess over couscous, rice or hummus, or alone; add in chickpeas or fava beans as you like or not.

Top with Tahini, cacik/tzatziki (Ask Em for that recipe) or chopped cilantro/fresh oregano, or for bus-stop kefta, dish kefta-tomato sauce mix into bowls still simmering and crack a fresh egg into each serving while it's still simmering and let the egg cook up.


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