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Monday, May 12, 2008

Bloody hell

It's wet. It's more than wet, it's sideways.

Basement's got water seeping in, despite the four 60 gal. rain barrels Hedgewitch installed under the downspouts last week.The barrels overflowed, and one actually overturned, dumping all 60 gallons right at the worst of the seepy corners.


We spent a goodly part of yesterday afternoon getting drenched whilst rearranging barrels, ensureing overflow hoses worked and routing drain hoses away from the house.

Fortunately, we got in a nice hike at the local state park before it started raining yesterday afternoon. It was my first actual hike since the total hip replacement last July. We'd walked around town(s) quite a bit, and my walking to work every day is strengthening the hip nicely, but this was the first actual in-the-woods, on-the-trail hike.

We put in about 2 miles, a moderate trail, with about a third of it decent up and down grades.I was tired after, but in no pain, and am in no pain today.

Cool. The science (mediccal science in this case), it is your friend.

Speaking of science:

This I believe: I Am Evolution
by Holly Dunsworth

I believe evolution. It's easy. It's my life. I'm a
paleoanthropologist. I study fossils of humans, apes and monkeys, and I teach
college students about their place in nature.
Of course I believe evolution. But that is different from
believing in evolution.
To believe in something takes faith, trust, effort, strength.
I need none of these things to believe evolution. It just is. My health is
better because of medical research based on evolution. My genetic code is
practically the same as a chimpanzee's. My bipedal feet walk on an earth full of
fossil missing links. And when my feet tire, those fossils fuel my car.

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Blogger Janet said...

UGH! One of my earliest activities at our house over 8 yrs ago, at the onset of the rainy season, was digging trenches in the rain at night, with Stu holding a flashlight on me, to divert standing water from the side of the house! We ended up with new gutters, downspouts and French we are going to look into retrofitting it to get rain barrels in and save winter rainwater for summer plant irrigation.
Good news re the hip!

1:37 AM  

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