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Monday, February 25, 2008

Here we go!

Got my release date from JMTC, confirmed that they're paying move costs, filled out a request for orders and turned it in ... and here we go. Maryland, here we come!

We'll fly on April 11.

Next few weeks will be ver' ver' busy.

If I don't post much, stay tuned. I will when I have time ...


When I get orders, I have to make arrangements for:

  • Shipping household goods (the big stuff)
  • Shipping hold baggage (slightly faster, smaller shipment of essentials)
  • Mailing must-have immediately stuff
  • Shipping the car
  • Shipping me and HW and the cat
  • Outprocessing here
  • Putting together a smart-book for folks when I'm gone
  • Saying goodbyes to dear friends and beloved places
  • Moving into the on-post hotel for the last couple of weeks

Sigh. And then there's the dojo. Miguel gets kicked out of the nest. Class is his now. HW and I will show up and point and wave, but he's on his own.

There's not much I can give him in six weeks that I haven't already. He's got to find his own footing now. Kevin's a good student and will keep Miguel honest, and Lydia will make sure he doesn't lose sight of being soft.


Hate leaving Germany and Europe. Hat eleaving dear friends and adopted family ...

But it's a new adventure and a good career move.

Are we ready? Hell no.

But we'll get there and we'll do fine anyhow.

Here we go!


Blogger Janet said...

She who is still unpacking sends warmest best wishes.
As long as you have each other and can work as a team on this, it will work!

8:43 PM  

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