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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Down to the wire

The house is beginning to look naked ...

Still got lots of stuff, but curtains are down and cleaned, art off the walls and nail holes patched, Army furniture sorted and set aside, lots of trash thrown out, un-needed things given away, cleaning in progress.

We've had tons of assistance, lovely people giving freely to help us get ready (some of whom, I suspect are helping to ensure that we actually GO!), and Emily's done tons of work here while I slogged through the final days in the office.

In between the preparations, we had a wonderful farewell luncheon with folks from work (and presentation of a medal from the commanding general), dinner last evening with many friends, and have had promises extracted to spend some time in the coming week here and there with others.

Andy came from Freiburg and Joachim and his bride Ingrid came in from Frankfurt. Fitting, in that Joachim and Andy welcomed us in Frankfurt as we arrived, and graciously came to spend time with us on out way out.

We had our last class in the home dojo this morning, with Andy giving our students a taste of his delightful aikido.

After class, several folks stayed around to help us move furniture, stack heavy trash out for sperrmuehle day (and for the Easterners and gypsies to scavenge) and share a quick and dirty Mexi lunch.

Em's started packing her luggage, and I need to look at that myself.

We've got a couple of day left to do such, then next week will be a whirlwind of movers, inspections, cleaning and then a long, sad flight away from this lovely place.

It's all coming together and coming altogether too fast.


Blogger Janet said...

Thinking fond thoughts of both of you at this very bittersweet time. Safe travels.

8:43 PM  
Blogger Budo Bum said...

Ugh. It's a tough time. Give me a call when you get in and we'll start planning the sailing trips and the weekend at Mackinac Island (MLE will love the place).
Be safe and be well, and know that those of us on this side of the Atlantic are looking forward to having more of you to ourselves.


11:12 PM  
Blogger Sequoia said...

Hope all goes well and the flight isn't too annoying. At least it's only about 6 hours to the east coast.

Remember you're jet-lagged and be kind to yourselves after you arrive :).

It'll work out ok, really.

11:36 AM  

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