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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The experiment continues

Yarr, avast me maties ...

Okay, cue the pirate jokes. Or more like Popeye. I yam whut I yam ...

When you look up "cure worse than the disease" in the dictionary, what you will find is retinal detachment.

Before the (emergency, hah! See Em's post below) surgery, I was in no discomfort, and could sort of see. Today, three days post-op, my eye itches, I've got headachey aches around it, and my vision is sort of like looking through a glass bowl of mineral oil.

But it's all gonna be okay in a couple of weeks! Uh huh. No doubt, but right now it sucks.

It was a three-fer: scrape out the cataract, implant a new lens and laser the retina back in place. Oh yeah, don't forget that they sucked the fluid out of the eyeball and replaced it with a neutral (SF6) gas.

The Good News: the new lens is corrected to make it more like my 'good' eye, in other words, the vision should be way better than it was before. Provided I make it through this next few weeks without pulling a "If thine eye offend thee" fundavangelical nutjob act and poke it out with a sharp stick ... oh wait, the good docs in Regensburg already poked me in the eye with sharp sticks ...


I can has normal now? Please?


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