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Friday, January 18, 2008

We Can Has Science?

I'm afraid I used most of my mom's patience delivery, today!
I ended up stalking the halls until I found him, because the nurse's station was so flustered.
The Germans are very orderly.. unless they are having an off day, and then they might as well be Greek.

I recognized his elbow, and buttonholed the nurse to make sure it was him before I burst in and started my Florence Nightingale routine.

He was groggy, but glad to see me. Poor guy, every time he perked up today and tried to eat something or sit up, he lost his lunch. Not doing well with the aftermath of the general this time. They taped a loose bit of gauze and what looks like half a flattened Whiffle ball over his eye, and he was getting a little oxygen and saline to help the recovery.
I'm tempted to make a little skull and crossbones to tape over the bandage... I got to see the doc examine him, they said the procedure went well and is proceeding nicely (despite the pressures of barfing up his biscuits several times). You know he's missing his sense of balance (due to the Meniere's) missing one eye and dealing with the anasthetic, I think he's largely just very dizzy.

The nurses are very sweet, one speaks perfect English but I have to translate for the others (this is why I stay there most of the day, other than the fact that back rubs and scratches, extra sips of water, emails and messages from friends read to him, special food-even when he can't keep it down! - and just being there and checking in makes all the difference) and for the roomie, who speaks the regional equivalent of Deep Redneck. Normally,cg's German comprehension is as good or better than mine, but under duress, it deteriorates.

I left at about 7 to get home and get some rest and let folks know how he's doing. The day after a procedure seems to be about systemic recovery. Details get worked out later. 

I think he'll feel a LOT better tomorrow.. they're very good about giving pain and nausea meds, and the pain meds knock him right out.
I can't wait, to see what he can see! so to speak. Sure, he's not out of the woods yet, and if the retina doesn't stick down, he'll need another procedure, but the cataract is fixed and he has a new lens. Maybe it's the geek in me, but this is really, really NEAT! it's not easy for him, and he's feeling very annoyed, but I guess not going blind is important enough to suffer some annoyance. He says he feels like he got a sharp stick in the eye. Well, he got several... 

So, if my first marriage was "I married an Axe Murderer" (fortunately he just looked like one) my second can be "I married a science experiment?"

Keep the good wishes coming, I read them all to him. I'll take a memo if need be. 



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