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Monday, April 14, 2008


Have y'all seen the ludicrous anti-science movei Expelled?

Ya know what's ironic? the silly movie
Expelled is supporting NPR, and specifically NPR's Science Friday!

Expelled ... What a hoot!

(See Pharyngula for details ...)


Blogger Budo Bum said...

Hey Chuck,

What do you expect? The religious right feels under siege, and with great justification I might add. The culture around them drifts further from what they think it should be, attendance at religious functions drifts slowly downward, they've completely lost Europe, and Islam and Buddhism are growing faiths in their "Christian" nation. And on top of that, for the past several years they've seen a stream of books explaining in detail that they are fools to believe what they do. Of course they are going to respond. To me it's the same fear that drives illiterate villagers in Afghanistan to support the Taliban. They are afraid the bad guys are going to destroy their way of life and their values. Guess what, they're right, the bad guys are going to destroy their way of life and their values. In Afghanistan modernization will destroy their illiterate farming communities dominated by a few senior men. They will end up with modern, educated thinking children who don't respect their traditional values. In the US church leaders and the faithful can see all around them that people don't value the same things they do and don't support their values and church centered culture. They are fighting for their culture, which is something a lot of people value more highly than their own children. Unfortunately, they losing pretty badly, and they know it, which means their responses are going to become more and more desperate.

A movie, good or bad, is a pretty mild response to the slew of books that have been coming out lately. They have to put up with seeing titles like "The God Myth" when they go into a bookstore. They are right to feel attacked.

Personally, I find strident cries for religion obnoxious, but I find the strident cries against almost as bad. Humans aren't equipped with the mental capacity to comprehend the ultimate nature of the universe. Our brains just aren't big enough, so I prefer to let both groups go on quietly.

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