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Monday, January 19, 2009


Half/three-quarters pound of good lean ground beef (or half that and half ground lamb!)
Quarter butcher onion, finely chopped
Good feta cheese (Trader Joe's has great feta)
Half a banana pepper minced
3-4 toes of garlic, finely minced
Paprika, coriander, dried oregano, salt and pepper to taste
1 tbsp of good olive oil
1 goodly squeeze and drizzle of lemon juice
Dump all but feta in a big bowl, use two forks to mix thoroughly (or a pulse in food processer if you're lazy)
When well-mixed, form a football shaped lump on a bog sheet of waxed paper or plastic wrap
Flatten by hand, keeping an oval shape
Fold or lay wrap/paper over oval of meat and use rolling pin or wine botle to further flatten and thin, carefully keeping the edges clean and well-shaped
Slice or crumble feta (mores better) in the middle of one half of the meat
Fold meat over and crimp or mush edges together to seal
Add another tbsp or more of olive oil to hot skillet
Carefully add meat pie, brown one side well
Carefully flip, brown other side
I usually add extra salt/pepper to each side as it cooks

When done, remove and let rest

Drizzle a goodl dollop of dry white wine into drippings, stirring constantly to reduce, add wine as needed to create a silky, thickened sauce

Serve plated with chopped parsely (or cilantro if you want a more mid-eastern version) and drizzled with sauce

Accompany with a good dry white wine (if you can get Agiorithikos, GO for it)



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