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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Na na na na, hey, hey ...

Heya all,

Well things are suddenly precipitously charging forward.

I got a tentative offer today for the Fort Detrick, in Frederick, MD, position, tentative only insofar as they have to do a security check (I've got a current clearance, so that's really moot). I expect to hear the final, firm offer within days.

That means that Hedgewitch and I will be headed toward Maryland the end of March or early April.


It's all, suddenly, very real, and we're starting to celebrate, albeit with mixed feelings. We hate leaving Europe and our dear friends here, but are eager to get on with life and start exploring our new home.

Em's got her eye on a house near the fort, and we'll inquire if it's still available tonight. Got lots to do in the next few weeks, ship the car, get household moved, clear this installation, close down Schloss Gordon (very sadly and reluctantly, that), and start saying goodbyes.

The job looks interesting and challenging and the area looks great. It's a promotion of sorts and will bump up my retirement pay in the end. All to the good.

We'll keep y'all posted as things develop.