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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Groundhog Day 2008

Wine: Serristori Sangiovese Toscana
Dinner: Kefteh and palaver chicken
Music: KPLU, from iTunes, jazz from the Seattle area

Just got my ass kicked at Scrabble by Hedgewitch, but it was fun. Good exercise for the new eyeball. I can read large print and the bubble of gas is getting smaller. It is about the size of a pea (doc said it was 20% Friday, down from 80% -- I can SEE the damn thing), and is a dark-ringed spot that's vaguely translucent. The fluid filling the eye has a slightly yellowish cast. Dunno if that'll go away or if I'll be seeing the world through a pissy filter from now on ...

Not much pain or discomfort, but still tire easily. HW says the new lens flouresces if the light's just right. Taking my arthritis mids is really, really helping the Reiter's. Got little of no pain in the feet. Prednisone and some other drops in the eye through the day.

Vision's improving rapidly. I'm looking forward to the results of teh sceince!

I made the kefteh:

Very lean ground beef (wish I had some nice ground lamb to go with)
chopped shallot and garlic
corainder, cumin, dry harissa (wicked hot chili seasoning from the MidEast)

Mixed, rolled into meatballs, fried in a light oil and then sprinkled with more herbs and the pan deglazed with a splash of the Sangiovese, it's mellowing while Em finishes the chicken.

Got some wild rice cooking (with saffron).

Palaver chicken (for us) is chicky breasts, chopped in chunks
Tomatoes, garlic, onion (and shallot), peanut butter, thyme, oregano, chopped spinach, a jalapeno diced, saffron, butter. She added a dash of black cumin (very cool stuff).

Nom nom nom.

We'll be watching Colbert Report and Daily Show tonight, maybe some No Reservations, if there's anew episode on iTunes.

Been on a No Res binge. Tony's funny as hell. Got me real homesick a couple times, and his Beirut episode was ... tantalizingly familiar.

Life is better. Slowly, but better,