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Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy anniversary eyeball!

Okay it's a day late. Jan. 18, 2008, I was in the Universitat Regensburg clinic (hospital, really) getting my eyeballs punctured, lasered, cryo'd, reinflated. Oh yeah. There was that new lens thing, too, so the doc could see what he was doing.

Frakking miserable weeks of pain and weird sight followed, but in the end, my eyesight was better in that eye, and I wasn't standing to lose said sight.

BTW, that was also the year-and-a-half anniversary ... to the day ... of getting a new hip.

18 months ago, today, I was taking my first walk on the new hardware and crutches.

Today, I'm hiking and cycling in season, and walking to work when the weather allows.

Still have some limitations on movement (will never sit tailor-style again, for instance), but generally speaking, the hip is WAY better than it was in the months prior to the surgery.

The eyeball get dry a little quicker, but remains solid and sightful.

Can't complain ...


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