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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday, Aug. 2

15th post-op day -- 6th Reha Day

Mood: Clean! (just had a shower! Only the third since surgery)
Music: Wicked Tinkers, “Toasty”
Currently reading: Dave Lowry's “Traditions” (A compilation of his colum from Black Belt magazine), and Jim Butcher's “Proven Guilty” (A Harry Dresden novel)

Feeling much better this evening after a long hot shower. Stitches are out and healed up nicely, so the doc said “Get thyself clean, boy” and I did, and it was good. Sigh ...

Mostly slow morning, after breakfast, I did 15 minutes of the stationary (reclining) bike, but had to wait for the weight circuit (everybody else had the same idea). Piddled around with some e-mail and took a couple small walks around the place.

Had a visit from a couple of the docs, looking my incision/scar over and talking about my therapy and my expectations. They promise next week will be more challenging. In addition to the PT I'm doing now, they'll add water exercises and treadmill( assisted by a sort of parachute-like harness to offset the weight. Ought to be interesting.

Did about 20 minutes in the schlingenkaefig before lunch, strapped up and spreading my legs. And now that THAT picture is burnt indelibly in your heads ...

After lunch, I was supposed to attend a lecture of some sort, but one of the nurses stopped me and signed off on my training plan for the one today and another tomorrow. He said, “No need for you to be more bored than you already are.”

Group exercises (grandmas doing synchronized leg waving) at 3, with a trip to the weight room to wash that down. 15 minutes on the bike, and a round of the weight machines for which I've been approved so far. I bumped the weights up a bit on each of them, and still find them a bit light, but I'll talk to the therapist about it next session.

Supper was positively picnic-ish. Cold chicken leg and a very fresh pretzel stick (German style, soft, warm, salty and bigger than Churchill's stogy). Gobbled the chicky and savored the warm staengl with slathers of good butter. Yumm.

The cafe downstairs is open tonight till 8, and it's tempting to wander down for a bit, but I couldn't drink coffee this late and they only have light beer on the menu (shudder). I'll content myself to a little brain-rot, a little reading and early bedtime.

Got to try to do a load of laundry tomorrow, and Hedgewitch will be in later in the afternoon. We're talking about taking a boat trip (or maybe just a drive) to a local monastery, Kloster Welternburg, for lunch and some very excellent dark beer brewed on the premises.

Tomorrow's sched:

0700: Breakfast (They have some of the BEST creamed honey)
0820: Individual physical therapy
1020: Lymph drainage massage (feels nice, but damnme if I can tell if it's DOING anything)
1500: Group exercise (Omas waving legs about in unison)

Other than that, all I have is the self-directed exercises, 2x bike ride, weight circuit, and cold air therapy (for whatever THAT'S worth).

I'm downloading the latest season of “Eureka” from iTunes. Quirky show about a bunch of mega-geniuses sequestered in a sort of utopian town and allowed to do R&R at will with a very much more mundane sheriff who's sort of baffled by it all. Very fun and occasionally strange.

Also, bis morgen, y'all!