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Sunday, September 16, 2007


Getting over the stomach flu. I was on my ass in bed or running for the toilet for a week. Simply not enough reserves available, I guess, to fight it. Last couple of days, I've still been weakly, but feeling much better. Took a short walk with HW yesterday evening, a short bike ride (my first since the hip surgery!) today.

Feeling passable human so far, but still a very low energy level. I've lost probably 3-3.5 kg ... can't recommend this as a weight-loss program, as such.

Last week was freaking miserable. Between the achies, the, um, gastric distress (no vomiting, thank the IPU, just the other end behaving very, very badly), and the lowered resistance, I've had a cold sore outbreak (taking lysine and using Abreva), and for some damn reason my right eye is inflamed and irritated.


Anyhow, I's better. The day's loverly, and is probably the last gasp of summer for hereabouts. It's in the 20s, sunny and breezy. We'll have a few days of this off and on, and then it'll be absolutely Fall and we'll be settled in for wet, windy and cool until it decides to frost and start sprinkling snow.

More soon ... working on some somewhat more philosophical posts about life, the universe and the absence of gods, and about budo.


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