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Monday, September 03, 2007

Dojo Grandkids!

Happy Labor Day!

Miguel and Naydy are going to the doc today for their final visit and consult before having a baby tomorrow. The new little one will be born (c-section) sometime Tuesday morning. He's already proving to be a little scrapper, kicking and punching his dad from inside Naydy's belly.

This will be yet another in a long line of dojo grandbabies for HW and me.

Cedric and VaughnThe first to be born into the dojo family was Tim-n-Leanne's Cedric, who was a wriggly little thing, barely rolling himself over on the dojo mat when we left Indiana in 2002. His little bro' Vaughn came along a few years later.

Then there's the Kelly brood -- a raucous, chaotic thundering herd of (is it SIX now, Martin?) adopted kids from all over the world. Quite a little United Nations at suppertime, with Irish-American Martin, Korean-American Jean and the kids from Korea, Africa, Central America and who knows where else these days.

Kris and Masami, now living in Japan, have a couple of little ones, surely already swinging mini-bokuto and hopefully getting ready to follow their dad's footsteps into the MJER dojo.

Old student Pete (who's not old, but he was from among the earliest of my students in Indianapolis) and his darling girl have a fairly new baby, Aiden, too.

Over here, Miguel and Naydy's little Laura (truly destined for Diva-hood) is getting ready to welcome her new little bro'.

Wow. That's a passel of little ones.

Someday, we're going to have to get 'em all together.

HW and I are planning a trip into Czech today (if the weether will quit being glumpy and cooperate), to Hrad Loket (Loket Fortress), a fortified castle in a town about 90 minutes from here. We've never visited it before, but have driven through the area before. It'll be sort of a test outing to see how I do clumping around the town and castle.

I'm moving around the house with no crutches, using one for stairs and the yard, two for longer walks.

Still pain-free, and feeling less fatigued at the end of the day, although I still tire far too easily, compared to "normal".

Stopped taking the heparin sticks last week (sixth week post-op), and am cutting the diclofenac (a strong anti-inflammatory) down to once daily.

I'll start back to work full days this week, and will likely drop to one crutch only for most of the time around Wednesday or so.

We're planning a meet-up with a handful of budo friends in Amsterdam the end of the month, and just found out we might have a chance to meet Jon Bluming (a genuine budo legend, unlike many, many imitators and wannabees in more recent years). I've been warming up my restaurant Dutch, which is a terribly frustrating language, because it's sort of like the bastard stepchild of German and English, and can sound positively Gaelic at times.

Some fresh pics of the garden from yesterday can be found on our Photobucket site.

And we just got news that we're going to get to visit with dear friend Andy next week. Woohoo!


Anonymous hideouse said...

CHuck, glad to read that you are doing well. Take pix on your hike, and good luck with Bluming!

8:19 AM  

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