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Saturday, September 01, 2007

On-the-mat rehab

I've been on the mat teaching this past week.

Wednesday (beginners class), I stumped about on one crutch (mostly), teaching single-hand techniques -- releases, simple controls, exercises for connecting and feeling your partner's structure and movement, etc.

Hedgewitch is torn between applause and scolding. She's been teaching our beginners up until now, and will still have most of the burden of teaching them ukemi for a while yet.

Our newest student is a tall, willowy, very self-possessed teen who's delightfully irreverent and eager to learn. She's also something of a spitfire and will give you a run for your money given the opportunity. A delight to teach.

As for me, ukemi-wise, I can take simple pill-bug ukemi (tiny rolls from a seated position), though rolling onto the right hip is a bit touchy yet and going backward is a bit daunting for the non.

Last night (just Miguel and HW in the home dojo), I taught atemi and maai (range and timing). I used a crutch a bit, but mostly stumped around crutch-free (much to HW's chagrin).

I'm moving well, albeit carefully. It's been more than six weeks since surgery and my progress has astounded even me, myownself.

For the most part, I'm still pain-free, unless I move wrong or get too eager with my physical training or have a particularly intense physical therapy session. Had one of those Monday past and had to go home for a lie-down and an ice-pack after.

Recovery from such is quick, though, and I'm moving better every day. In the kitchen, for example, I wander around with no crutches, but then, there are lots of handholds and support options (chairs, cabinets, table, etc). I can take a few steps easily, and can help unload the dishwasher, see to cutting up veg or meat, do a little cooking.

I'm still religiously using a crutch to help negotiate stairs or walks of more than crossing the room, and both crutches outdoors, especially for walks further than the mailbox or back porch. That terrace, BTW, is currently overshadowed by some of the biggest sunflowers I've ever seen -- the tallest is easily more than 12 feet high, and is just now bursting into flower. Most of the sunflowers average out at about 7-8 feet high, with a couple-three of them pushing 10 feet.

Dunno what HW has fed them, but whatever it was, it worked. She's done wonders with the garden this year, and we've feasted on fresh summer squash, tomatoes, sweet corn and lots of green rabbity-food type semi-food thingies. We'll have a nice crop of snap peas soon, too.



Blogger Janet said...

mmmmm yummy stuff to eat! Imagine it is probably a short, intense growing season?
I'm delighted to read of the continuing fast functional improvements, though not really surprised given your (relative) youth and prior activity level.

8:35 PM  
Blogger Carolus Hereticus said...

Heya Sweetie II!

You can ping HW for more info about her gardening magic (you should SEE the herb garden!) as I have a decidedly un-green thumb. I'm just heavy labor when I fit for it.

We've got a few pix from (umm, counting toes) 2 springs ago here:

We tried to take pix of the huge sunflower yesterday, but I couldn't get it all in frame from the terrace. I'll try to stitch together a composite. HW took one from the yard that might be better. I'll try to post them to the Photobucket site later.


4:38 AM  

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