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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Counting Texas votes?

As in do MY votes count? You know what a Texas resident living outside the country has to go through just to vote?

We have to re-register for EVERY single election, re-request a ballot every time, and then hope that the vote actually GETS counted. Double that, because the Hedgewitch and I both want to vote.

Sheesh. Is it just that the great state of Texas simply doesn't think anyone should ever LEAVE Texas? C'mon folks. I want to participate in my state's political process, but the state itself makes it horribly difficult.

So anyhow, we're coming up fast on the gubernatorial election. If you are a Texan and are registered to vote (you ARE registered to vote aren't you?) remember to Save Yourself for Kinky and stay away from the polls on March 7.

Speaking of Texans and politics, have you heard about the Upchuck Rebellion? Check it out.


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