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Friday, January 13, 2006

Dad died Tuesday evening about 8:30 pm.

He was home, under hospice care, and died in his sleep.

He'd had a busy weekend, with our arrival Saturday and lots of visits from old friends Sunday. Monday he was just too worn out to wake up and by Tuesday morning, he was really not there anymore. The body was just still executing the program, but the mind was checking out.

Me Mum had done most of her grieving while he was still there, and is doing pretty well, all considered. She's surrounded by friends and her sister is visiting from Scotland.

The Hedgewitch and I are here until Saturday, when we will return to Germany.

It was good to say goodbye. I think he recognized us, and was probably just waiting until we could be there. We got to talk and hold hands and offer lots of love and joy while he was still having moments of lucidity.

I'm still processing all this, but have also done most of my grieving already. There's a definite sense of loss, but also a sense of release.

He was a Good Man, me Da', and will be remembered fondly.


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