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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wednesday, July 25

-- 7th post-op day

Awoke about 3 am, but fell back asleep in about an hour, and slept until almost 7 am. Damn, I'm such a slug-a-bed. Got up, washed up, changed into fresh clothes (that had mostly arrived in the care package from HW yesterday).

My primary surgeon isn't in today, so a substitute peered at my wound, changed the dressing and blessed it as doing quite well. The drainage decreases daily, though at times it's still soaking the (ever smaller) bandages.

Nurses came bustling in shortly before breakfast, bringing in a new roomie, an older gent who's getting some repair work done to his knee. He's affable enough, though his thick Bayerische dialect and my stumbling mish-mash of German don't let us communicate much more complicated info than weather and generalities. Apparently he and his wife both have had surgeries here before and have spent time in the Reha center, too. They're big fans and many of the staff seem to know them.

It's suddenly late evening and I'll try to catch up. Nothing huge to remark, a few walkies, roomie went away and came back snoring with his leg wrapped in bandages, couple of phone chats with HW. Learned new exercises from the physical therapist, using a spring and pulley device suspended from the ceiling in the room. I'm translating the instructions for all my exercises and all the guidance they've given me and will post that somewhere along here.

Suffice to say that the 'pulleyform' thingie is quite an ingenious bit of torture, and 20 minutes of work with it was sufficient for me to be wishing for a cold beer after.

Spent a lazy afternoon, rewarding myself for the pulleyform exercises with an iced coffee from the cafe. Bought a few postcards and wrote notes, read more of Mainspring and wandered back up to the room to settle in for the evening, and was surprised to find my dear friend Karl at the door shortly after I got to the room.

The cafe was already closed, so we wandered out in front of the clinic and chatted on a bench, watching Bad Abbach roll past.

When he headed for home, I went back upstairs to find my anti-thrombosis shot waiting and a nurse checking her watch. Of COURSE! Silly me. I should have noted that it was TIME for my shot ... Ahem.

Winding down the day and getting ready for night-time. Hopefully roomie doesn't snore too badly ...

Bis morgen ...


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