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Friday, July 20, 2007


This is M (HW or Hedgewitch) filling you in on CG's progress.

The surgeon keeps remarking on the mass and strength of the muscles he had to go through for the procedure, and CG is pretty bruised up, but the staff is extremely attentive and generous with pain medication.

The surgery was Wednesday morning, and he spent most of that day heavily drugged and napping. I spent it with two dear, dear women who came to keep me company with Scrabble, lunch out, giggles and hugs and even a swimming expedition. I checked in with Chuck hourly, with a 2.5 hour break for the swim, from the time they told me he was awake.
They put him back in the room that evening, and by jiminy the PT had him standing up and walking the very next day. He did the same today, and got a little walk around the hall in, with her encouragement. He's doing his exercises faithfully, and had his first visitor (our wonderful landlord) today. He's not in much discomfort, he gets ice packs and cooling rubdowns (it's a very hot muggy summer) and the staff is just wonderful.

I spent the last couple of days in the hospital bed next to him to provide small wifely comforts and translate a bit for the staff. Many of them speak English, but my fluency is a little better than his, and I'm not on drugs.

Hospital beds aren't bad, kind of fun actually, but I don't know how anyone is supposed to get better in a hospital.
They don't let you sleep for more than two hours! Sheesh! At least tonight I will get 40 uninterrupted winks.
He tends to sleep lightly in any case, so it doesn't bother him.
Thank you all for your support, I read him every message.



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