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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Under the Knife Again

I've just gotten home from spending the whole day in the Monty Python Circus that is emergency treatment at a German hospital. 
I left cg there, awaiting treatment in the morning. I'm finally getting something to eat here at home (after coaxing him to eat what they gave him there-- dry bread and salami! I bought him a beer to settle him down. He's pretty annoyed about the whole thing.  Poor guy, he's spent so much time as a science project already.

"It's an emergency, so you have to wait three hours" here.. there.. etc.. and when we presented our emergency admittance papers to the guy at the front desk, he basically said "you don't LOOK like it's an emergency!" at this point I forgot how to say Detached Retina in German and the guy got that we were in the wrong place, and set us right.  The funny thing was, that he looked like a skinnier Lurch, with a club kid bleach job. Next time I'll attach a plastic shark or something. 

After tons of here and there and measure this and that, and cg looking like Bambi on a bender with all the eye drops, they did tell us what they are going to do, and it's pretty cool. 

It all started, when we got him in to be examined for cataract surgery, as that eye has been going from bad to worse. Even I can see the cataract. In the course of the operation, they will give him a new lens, because they can't see through the old one, to work on the retina! They will tack the retina down with laser and cryo therapy, and take the liquid out that has seeped behind it, refilling the eyeball with a kind of fluorine/sulphur gas to press the retina back to the lining of the eyeball. 

They are saying a week, but if we can break him out earlier, we will. The docs say they have a 80-85% success rate, even in the case of multiple tears. 

Keep your thoughts on that 85%...  this list has been the richest source of positive energy we have. 
Think about the 85%, think about him, in a few weeks, having a clearer view of anything he wants to look at. 

I'll keep you updated as I get back home and to email. 

My handheld email is rolfing (attimus@) katsujin (dottimus) com. I will have it around, to read him well wishes, and answer inquiries. Be sure to include his name early in the subject line, as I get so much spam on that account. 

I'm excited about the possibilities, nervous about general anaesthesia, and soothing the cat, who hates it when her Favorite Person goes missing. 

Yeah, kitty. Me too. 

I have to say that Safari and Blogger formatting are a big mismatch. I have to cut and paste, then edit under Compose, because Blogger is too stupid to understand where a regular paste should go. 



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