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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Peeking into the future

Quick update on our status and plans.

This past month has been a huge load of suck for me (and thereby for Emily). Without going into lurid detail, the hip's fine, the least of my problems. Now ... if I can keep the rest of my body from falling apart ... sigh.

It's all due to decreased resources, resistance and energy reserves post-op (I NEED naps, damn near every day - If I don't get 'em, I crash the next day, hard and fast).

I've had sort of an inflammatory blow-up and a really annoying bout of false-gout (calcium crystals deposited in joints of one big toe and a slight strained ankle turning into a Crisis, etc) AND just found out I've got a cataract in one eye. Geez. Growing old ain't for the weak.

Anyhoo ... things are getting better and I'm getting better. Slowly, but surely.

In other news ...

Looks like, unless the Excellent Job fairy taps me on the shoulder before March, that Em and I will move back to Austin in Spring/early Summer '08.

She's been offered a grand, and near-unrefuseable opportunity at a wellness center in Austin, makng more money part-time than I do full-time.

As an interim crutch, I've applied for a position as Public Info Officer for the Austin Police Dept (yeah, I just keep ON working for Satan), and would plan to work there for a couple of years while Em's career grows legs.

If that don't fly, in the meantime, I'm exploring retirement/seperation options from Unka Bubba's gubbamint.

Howsomever, we're 95% certain that Austin's our direction at this time.

If the APD gig don't work out, I'll househusband for a while, supporting her getting up and running, and I'll start sorting out my writing and research, probably do some consulting and webwork on the side.

I'll also be devoting more time to promoting Peter's Mugendo thingie and probably whore myself out on the budo seminar circuit.

Right now, plans are:

Em'll head back in March to get started, find us a place to live, etc. I'll follow on in May when my term here expires and I moon the command on my way out the door.

If the APD job comes back with a tasty offer, I'll quit here forthwith and we'll be back even sooner.

We're, frankly, pretty excited about it. She's eager to kick her career in the ass and start doing what she does seriously, and I'm -- even more frankly -- tired of working for the current government (sorry, George ... I still love YOU, and I mean that honestly.).

It DOES mean we'll be closer to friends and fambly, although we'll both miss Europe horribly.

If all goes well, we're sort of looking at developing (in a couple of years, after she gets her practice well-developed) a migratory lifestyle (Em sends a big wave to Frank, Philip et alia, and promises good jams and other treats when we arrive on your various doorsteps), spending the worst parts of Texas summer and winter elsewhere.

Just call her the Rambling Rolfer.


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