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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wednesday, Aug. 1

14th post-op day -- 5th Reha Day

Mood: Cautiously optimistic
Music: Evanescence, “Tourniquet”
Currently reading: "Altered Carbon” by Richard K. Morgan (cyberpunk meets film noir) and “Preacher: Until the End of the World” by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon (second compilation of the series, wicked cool and big fun)

Two weeks after the surgery, I'm feeling pretty good. Got the stitches out today (though THAT was a Keystone Cops episode all in itself), got my DSL fixed, got a very nice intro to the weight and cardio machines and got a routine for 'em.

Things are looking up.

Tablemates in the cafeteria are an odd lot, though all of them are quite nice. Two older gentlemen, on here for some hip work the other on 'kur' and the third is a younger fellow with back problems. If you miss a meal, they ask after your well-being.

Today went pretty fast, busy morning, then spent the afternoon getting caught up on the blog and e-mail. Still have work to do on the blog (links, etc), but I think I've tamed the e-mail inbox for now.

Took about an hour just before supper to go to the training room and go through the complete workout (15 minutes on the recumbent stationary bike, 3sets x 15 reps each on upper body and leg butterfly machines, lat pull-downs and leg press).

Stitches: I'd been told today was the day for removal, but no other info. Got a call just as I was about to leave for my krankengymnastic appointment, and was told to “drop by the doctor's office when I had time”.

I took that to mean that it wasn't time sensitive, and since the caller didn't identify herself, I guessed that it was the doc who'd seen me on my first day.

Nope. Tweren't to be. I went to PT and then to the first doc's office.

After sitting outside HER office for 15 minutes, she told me to see another doc, who told me I was too late and would have to wait until after lunch, unless ANOTHER doc were in and able to do it. Fortunately, the third doc was in and got to me immediately. She popped the 20 external sutures out quickly, bandaged them up and told me to hold off on the shower till tomorrow.

Shower! Woohoo. Who'da thunk simple hot running water could be so ... luxurious.

Went from there to another lymph drainage massage, and ... finally ... the DSL techie had showed up and flipped the switch to make it work. Magic!


Anyhow, I'm done for the day, and nicely tired from the workout, and plan a lazy evening of Threshold, Desert Punk, e-mail and blog maintenance.

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Blogger Angie said...

I do massage, what did you think of your lymph drainage massage? :)

Brianna from iidb

12:37 PM  
Blogger Carolus Hereticus said...

Heya Brianna/Angie,

I'm acquainted with it (Hedgewitch was a nationally certified massage therapist in the US before becoming a Rolfer), but had never HAD the LD stuff.

It's soothing, but damnme if I can tell it's _doing_ anything. The swelling has been going down all by itself for days, and I'd be hard-pressed to say the LD is NOT helping, but I've no real way to measure success either.

Ya, well ... it feels nice and is a calm pause in the midst of some of the other weirdness!

1:04 PM  

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