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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tuesday, July 31 -- 13th post-op day -- 4th Reha Day

Still no DSL. I complained at the reception desk and the nice lady promised to call the tech and have him schedule an appointment to look at it. However, as of 4 pm, no call, no tech, no DSL.

Light day today. Had Gruppengymnastik this morning after breakfast. A roomful of hip and knee patients doing synchronized swimming on tables with no music. They could at least give us a backbeat. I've gotta say, group exercises were a waste of time. I'd prefer to be turned loose in the training room with the machines, and would probably get better from it.

Got my bauchspritz and dressing change (no drainage today!), made some light walkies off and on, but mostly waited for the AWOL network guy to come fix my DSL.

Spent a lazy afternoon (waiting for the AWOL techie), had a couple phone calls, hung out, waited ... napped.

This afternoon's training was better, it was a lot like the krankengymnastic, only cranked up a notch. Got some good muscle work, but these folks simply cannot stretch me. “Unglaublich!” the PT says. Impossible. My mantra repeated:

“I walk, I hike, I bike, I do martial arts 2-3 times a week and have done so for 33-34 years.” No, seriously.

I've started complaining about the unbearable lightness of rehab, and had a good talk with the PT guy just now. I hope they'll ramp up the intensity a little. Otherwise, I'd might as well check out after the stitches come out and go home and do this myself. I can go to the freaking gym and do the exercises at home with HW's help and probably get a more intensive and effective training for my time.

And not have to deal with non-functional DSL, boredom, repetitive menus and a near-absence of anything resembling supper. Cold cuts, cheese and the occasional cold pork chop ain't cutting it.

Grumpy. Yeah, that's me.

On a lighter and funner note, dear friends C&K are coming down for a visit tonight, and we'll hang out across the street at Park Cafe for a beer or so and maybe supper. Maybe they've got schnitzel on the menu!

C&K got here a bit late, so we eschewed the walkies and simply drove up to the center of town to a very nice Italian place called 'Papa Michele's Ristorante'. Good eats. Spent a couple hours chatting, nibbling, sipping and catching up. Ver' good time.

They also brought me a prezzie: a bottle of Agioritikos, a crisp, sunny white wine from Greece (picked up from Mikie and Thomai at restaurant Athen no doubt). I'll save that till the weekend when my HW is a'visiting.

Back to the room, tidy up loose ends, call HW to say night-night and to bed.

Stitches come out tomorrow!


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