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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sunday, July 29 -- 11th post-op day -- 2nd Reha Day

Listening to Los Lonely Boys (among others, next up is Thievery Corporation's "Indra" -- got to clean out and refresh the iPod, it's mostly full and I've got a fair amount of new music at home to install) while HW is taking a stroll around the kurpark and checking out the kurhaus. I'm not quite agile enough yet for my walkies (which are getting better but can still be tiring), to be enough exercise for her. I get a free pass to the kurhaus whilst staying here, so she'll report back to me on what possibilities await.

I'm chilling in my nice little room (easily as nice or nicer than many hotels I've stayed in, sipping Cola Light and catching the blog up. The room has a single bed (electric control to raise and lower the height, head, etc). Built-in desk and tiny fridge, nice WC/bath with a large shower (equipped with sturdy handholds) and a towel warmer (luxurious but a bit overkill as warm as it's been).

Should have DSL 'net access tomorrow -- Woohoo, I can reach out and participate in the world again! -- so I'll update the Arx Hereticus blog, and check out and answer any comments.

Can't begin to image how much spam I've got waiting in my various mailboxes.

After yesterday's hurry-up-and-wait, today's a nice break. I'll learn tomorrow what sort of schedule I'll have in the coming weeks.

Meeting a friend or two in a couple of hours for an afternoon visit. We'll probably find a nice beer garden or cafe in the neighborhood to hang out and talk.

Had a very nice visit with the Red Haired Ant Fan, and my dear friend Walter this afternoon. Drank a couple of beers, a couple of coffees, a couple of waters, and after they had to leave, HW and I shared an excellent pizza at the Park Cafe.

And now, HW has headed back home, an hour and some small change up the highway from here. So close, but so far. I really, really miss her. She's such a comfort to me and such support. She tells me so often, “I'm so proud of you” ... for doing so well after the OP.

It's very mutual. I'm so very proud of her, as well. Proud of her accomplishments in these past years, proud of her courage and dogged determination to do well in the face of (sometimes) seemingly unsurmountable bureaucracy and willful blind-mindedness. She's a treasure and I'm a lucky man.

Planning some brain-rot while awaiting her call when she arrives home safely. I'll likely head to bed shortly thereafter. I've got to try to get up early to beat the rush on the laundry room and get some fresh undies for next week, then get and start my rehab schedule.

Also dann, bis dann, and schlaf' alles Ihres sehr gut!


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