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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Monday, July 30 -- 12th post-op day -- 3rd Reha Day

Had lab work done first thing this morning (6:30 am), and, unusually for me, bled like a stuck pig after getting stuck. Blerf. Got the flow stopped and the spot dressed, then headed for breakfast.

Breakfast (again, typical German b'fast foods, cold cuts, cheese, bread, jams, honey, yogurt and fruit), is served buffet style. Folks on crutches get a helper to load the plate and carry it to your table, others can help themselves. It's a merry pile of chaos.

After breakfast, Heparin shot and dressing change and then started the process for setting up DSL access in the room and am waiting for ime to go get my anti-thrombosis shot, then will start bugging folks about my actual daily schedule.

Got the schedule for my first week of rehab. Here's today's calendar entries with all the trivia as well as the PT stuff:

0630 – Labwork
0700 – Breakfast
0900 – Anti-thrombosis shot
0920 – Lymph drainage massage
1100 – Kaltluft therapie (about which more later)
1130 - Lunch
1230 – Krankengymnastic (phys. Therapy)
1300 – I'm doing LAUNDRY!
1530 – Schlingenkaefig
1700 – Dinner

Already talked about the labwork thing, brekkie, the bauchspritz (shot in the belly, the Heparin goes into the fatty tissue of the belly) and dressing change, the DSL connection is still not working, and if it doesn't come up soon, I'll be climbing on the reception desk tomorrow morning after breakfast.

Lymphdrainage massage – very light massage intended to facilitate the flow of lymph and reduse swelling (did I say I've got an ever bigger ass on the right than I do on the left side?).

Kaltluft – Exactly what it sounds like ... cold air therapy. Basically, there's a machine that creaste and pumps cold air through a hose with a sort of fat wand on the end. You hold the outlet about 1.5 inches from your owie and let the cold air wash over it for about 3 minutes. Felt good on the wound site, but not sure what that will do that a simple icepack won't ...

Krankengymnastic – It's just another name for physical therapy. The PT guy asked a few questions, measure mobility, made a quick exam of the joint and started the exercises. Same sort of things Frau Winter did, but a bit more intensive and a few new ones; all still with active resistance. He was red-faced and sweating by the time we got through, but then, my leg is about as big as he was. Everybody who gets hands on my leg remarks about how strong it is. Listen folks, I do Japanese martial arts, and have for 33 years. I fall down, I get up, I swing weapons from kneeling, crouching and standing positions, I grab strong young men and women and wave them around on the mat. I may be soft on the edges, but the legs, thems gots muscles.

Laundry was a bit of a trial. You're told it costs 2 Euro each, per washer and dryer load, but it's only in the fine print in the instructions on the wall of the laundry room that you have to go BACK up to Reception and buy tokens for the machines. After marching around up and down stairs, I finally got a load in and sat sipping cappuccino at the cafe (across the hall from the laundry room) and reading while my things got clean. Didn't get to dry them completely, as I had to go to the schlingenkaefer thing before they were done, but I spread the damp stuff out on the wonderful towel warmer in the bathroom and they were dry by the time I returned to the room.

Schlingerkaefer – It's a sort of welded steel rod cage, about 2.5 meters on a side (7-8 feet or so), within which the therapist connects hooks and carabiners and pullies and such to do the same sort of things the pulleyforme exercises did. I couldn't help but think that with the right marketing, there's a segment of the population who'd buy the hell out of the schlingerkaefer system.

And then supper and I was done. Still trying to get the damned DSL to work. Blerf, I say, blerf indeed. Setting up a 'net connection ain't rocket science. I'm annoyed.


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