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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Saturday, July 28

-- 10th post-op day -- 1st Reha Day

So far, rehab is a lot like the Army. Hurry up and wait.

I was told to have all my bags packed and be ready to go before 9 am, and did so. After a wash-up, breakfast and quick dressing change ... I waited. 0900 came and went, 0930 ... and about 1000, one of my floor nurses came along to fetch me and my baggage. We traipsed over to the rehab center, got my room key, dropped my baggage and then I was deposited at the nurses station where I ... waited. There were two newbies ahead of me and there was only one staffer working the new folks.

Eventually, I got questioned, poked, prodded, got a mini-tour, was sent to lunch and given an appointment with one of the rehab docs later in the afternoon. And after a decent lunch in the cafeteria (fairly civilized), I'm back in the room ... waiting.

Got Tal Konsort playing; very nice classical played by a bunch of former Eastern Bloc musicians in Munich. Live, they act more like a jazz combo, very lively, active, interacting with the audience, and their interpretations of some of the classics show a distinctly jazzy influence, but are excellently done.

HW is apparently on her way here, I tried to call to let her know I was in the room, but she didn't pick up, so I assume she's driving. Not really expecting her before 2 or 3 pm or so anyhow. My appt. with the doc is 3:15, so I hope the timing works out.

Surprisingly, I'm not the youngest person I've seen hereabouts. There are several who look to be my age or in their 40s, a large handful of folks who look to be in their 30s and a smaller few in their 20s. Most, by far, are a somewhat more geriatric crowd.

HW showed up in the early afternoon and we had good cuddles and hugs, and took a couple of small walks, showing her around my new digs.

Despite my having warned reception Friday evening, they weren't prepared for her to stay and we had to somewhat vigorously assert ourselves, but once the staff figured out we were serious, they were very accommodating, especially the station nurse, who practically bent over backward to make HW welcome and make sure she was settled in, had a trundle bed, covers, etc.

Had an appointment with one of the rehab docs in the afternoon, general look-me-over, Q-and-As and so forth. She'll start developing my rehab plan and get things rolling for Monday.

Life in the rehab center is a bit more laid back (at least so far), less bustle in the hallways, I take my own meds, nobody barging in and out of the room (for the most part), I keep my own schedule and am responsible for making appts, etc without a sheepdog to nip my heels. And while roomie was a great guy, it's so very nice to have my own space again.

HW and I spent the evening chatting, catching up and playing dominoes. Watched the pilot episode of "Threshold", a TV series about a mysterious ET craft finding its way to Earth and wreaking havoc (whether intentionally or as a side effect of some undetermined and un-understandable purpose is kept muddy in the first of the series).

*HW: I still have no bloody luck at dominoes... *

HW was a little freaked out by some of the more thriller-ish aspects of the show, but I thought it raised some very interesting questions. I've got the series on DVD, let's see how many shows it takes for the thing to fall apart in cliche and "gee-whiz" limbo as so many good shows seem to do. Got some great actors, though, especially the linguist team-member. Me, I think the bastich little pug-dog is responsible for all the nastiness ...

*HW: I am not a fan of television in general, for the most part I find it a tremendous waste of time, which is great if I WANT to waste time (watching Snake in the Eagle's Shadow or Bullshit!, The Simpsons or King of the Hill) but otherwise it just hurts my eyeballs. I don't like "monster movies" I spent weeks after watching Jurassic Park opening gates at 0-dark-30 in the deep countryside in a quiet panic over velociraptors and the neighbor's pet tiger cub (not kidding!!!). Threshold was centimeters from being great, unlike Firefly, which WAS great. I just thought it pandered too much, while Firefly pandered too little. It's a bloody sad fact that it's the right balance of pandering which makes or breaks any media... I think that's why I'm so cynical about it. Besides, I'm more interested in what comes out of my head, when I give it a chance, and much more careful about what I put into it. I have learned to be careful of my mental digestion. Meanwhile a relative of CG's has a pug comment.)

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Blogger Margo said...

Dears, it is good to be able to check in on you.

8:28 PM  
Blogger Carolus Hereticus said...

Margo, it's good of you to check in. Hugs, etc!

4:51 AM  

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